Vache normande © CDT61
Dentelle d'Alençon © B. Desmettre
Haras du Pin © Damien Butaeye
Château de Medavy © CDT61
International Greeter Association

Meet our Greeters

  • Greeters Pays du Bocage Bernard BLONDEEL © CDT61
    Bernard BLONDEEL

    "When I arrived in La Ferté Macé 40 years ago, history an geography were of great importance...

    Themes proposed

    • History
    • Géographie
    Pays du Bocage
  • Greeters Pays du Bocage Josine STIKER-MOUGEOLLE © CDT61

    "I have been a nature guide and youth worker in education for environment and am actually on...

    Themes proposed

    • Culture
    • Nature
    • Heritage
    Pays du Bocage